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Bertilla Niveda
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Two years ago, if you had told me I would be writing stories that I love, reaching a huge international audience without SEO, and making up to $1/word, I would have landed on the floor laughing.

It sounds like a dream that 5-year-old me conjured up, honestly. But we live in a time where this doesn't just have to be a dream.

Why write on Medium?

  • You want maximum creative freedom
  • You want to write about everything you enjoy without worrying about SEO
  • You’d like the platform to distribute your stories for you without doing any promotion
  • You’re interested in building an audience and a community around your writing
  • You want to make money doing what you love—writing.

Do you need a Medium guide?

I spent the first few months of my Medium journey in utter frustration. It was mostly because I struggled to understand the algorithm, I struggled to find a place in mainstream writing.

After many articles, days, and nights spent in confusion, I figured out the sweet spot for me—writing about something I’m passionate about and others like reading, while making money for it.

You can always figure this out on your own. I fully believe that for you and any writer who wants to put in the work. But this guide could put you months(maybe years) ahead and save you a lot of trouble and confusion that I went through.

Why learn from me?

I’m a 7x top writer on Medium with 300K+ views and several viral stories. I’ve made $6000+ from the Medium Partner Program, and I help companies and other creators make the most of this platform too. I’ve been published in top Medium publications like The Startup, Better Marketing, The Ascent, and P.S.I Love You.

In this guide, I’ve compiled everything I learned over the past 2 years, with detailed examples and insights.

You’ll get—

  • A complete breakdown of my Medium journey—wins, fails, and lessons
  • A personal look at my earnings and analysis of my most viral stories
  • Actionable steps on how to replicate this success in your own authentic style
  • My top 3 templates that work for all articles—inside and outside Medium, with examples

And if you’re from a country that isn’t allowed inside the Medium Partner Program, you can still make money by using your Medium profile as a portfolio and then working with clients/publications.

Well, this guide is everything Bertilla from 2 years ago needed to read. I hope this helps you, friend!

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Get your Medium guide today and create your own blueprint for writing success! :)

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Medium Writing Guide

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